SDHH, Solution for Deaf & Hard of Hearing, established in 2010 by Moty Allshever, provides Business and Communication Consulting. Moty has been in business for the past twenty years and has had to respond to many changes and opportunities in that time. He has helped a lot of budding entrepreneurs get their fledgling businesses off the ground. Also during this time he has worked with existing businesses to help them to develop and grow.

“I’m totally committed to the idea of self-reliance” says Moty Allshever. “I cannot understand the attitude of the ‘hand-out culture’ that has developed in some areas of this country. Life doesn’t come on a silver platter, not for most of us anyway! Whatever we want out of life, we have to go out and get it. It’s so much more rewarding and fulfilling that way”.

SDHH’s mission is to assist Deaf individuals to live independent, fulfilled lives by realising their entrepreneurial dreams. We offer a variety of services, including but not limited to, project development, website design and consultation.
The aim of SDHH is to bring your business ideas, information and opportunities so that you too can enjoy the freedom and independence that comes from being your own boss.

Let’s stop a minute, look right and left what we identify ourselves? And about other people? The world in general? Are we satisfied with what we have & with what we do?

What you are now is the result of the perception of reality, thinking habits, behavior patterns and habits we have developed a variety of for many years
Wonderful news is that these are subject to change – all you need is to decide and act.

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